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Jamie Lidell’s Eurorack Case is Calling Him Right Now!

Jamie Lidell and His New Eurorack Case

We created a bespoke open-back eurorack case with the cleanest and quietest system for a true gentleman. Case is powered with Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Boards. LIBB offers a significantly lower noise coupling across modules, while also reducing power supply noise.

The Great Grand Box Canyon

We are told by our clients that we have the cleanest and quietest Eurorack systems built today. Thanks to our partnerships with Genus Modu and Daitron.

Eurorack Modular Case | Golden Ratio Console

The Golden Ratio Console is our first Eurorack case and still very popular. We love our work! Post a pic and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest….

“It’s built like high end furniture, brilliantly designed and built with so much care and thought.”

Andrew Huang’s 21U Eurorack Case and Power Station in White

We created a beautiful double wide 21U 168HP Eurorack modular case in white for Toronto based musician, video producer and Youtube personality, Andrew Huang. Powered with Intellijel TPS80W busboards and…

“I’m incredibly pleased with my new orange 15U Prince of Darkness!”

Eurorack Modular Case | 15U

The 15U Eurorack Modular Case is one of our original designs. This stunning 15U case in clear coat finish has five rows of 168HP for a total of…

Eurorack Modular Case | 15U Prince of Darkness in Orange

Our most popular Eurorack Modular Case is the Prince of Darkness! This stylish Prince of Darkness produced in orange accent for a client in New York. It is…

Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) reveal of his new studio and Eurorack case

Composer and audio visual developer, Benn Jordan is an American modern jazz and electronic musician from Georgia. He records and performs music as The Flashbulb. He also has…