Eurorack case 18U Lander was created initially to dock on our custom three-bay studio equipment rack – Rover at Lev Perrey’s space center.

18U Eurorack Case | Lander | Lev Perrey
Euroack Case 18U Lander docked on Rover.

We created a solution for Lander to be uplifted – Energized! It is a custom-fit surface top to be mounted onto some height-adjustable legs.

Cable management and enclosed power supply.

Power supplies for the eurorack case Lander are placed neatly under the surface in an exceptionally ventilated case. Adequate cable management solutions to organize and manage wires and cables under the desk.

42HP eurorack space added to the back of the surface.

Eurorack Case Lander Surface Top by 2Egress | Lev Perrey
This is the way to “Energize” your eurorack case!

Captain Perrey from the space center famous words: “I can actually use my case now because I see everything.”

Wall-mounted cable hanger complements the room perfectly!

Handcrafted. Design focused. Sleek, simple, and finely constructed.

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