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This Eurorack case is powered with Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Boards. LIBB offers a significantly lower noise coupling across modules, while also reducing power supply noise.

Jamie Lidell 19U Eurorack Case

We created a bespoke open-back eurorack case with the cleanest and quietest system for a true gentleman.

Jamie Lidell 19U Eurorack Case

Jamie Lidell is an English performer, producer, composer, musician, soul singer, multi-instrumentalist, and podcast host living in Nashville, Tennessee.

Formerly a part of SuperCollider. He became as widely recognized for his effective neo-soul vocals and performances as for his earlier career as a producer of groovy experimental techno.

Jamie Lidell 19U Eurorack Case

He is also the host of the podcast Hanging Out With Audiophiles,[6] a show about recording techniques and the creative process, often featuring interviews with other musicians.

Be sure to check out his excellent podcast – Hanging Out With Audiophiles too…


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