We are told by our clients that we have the cleanest and quietest Eurorack systems built today. Thanks to our partnerships with Genus Modu and Daitron.

In our latest 19U double-width 168HP eurorack case, we have an open back with busbars and wiring tucked neatly in a concealed box on the back of the case. It diminishes the wires giving it a cleaner space for plugging in modules, facilitating a more inviting environment, with fewer worries of grounding or shorting modules on the bus bars.

The open-backed design allows easier access to the bus bars making plugging and unplugging modules a breeze. Much easier than having to remove several modules to be able to unplug one at the bus boards.

The Low Impedance Bus Board (LIBB) by Genus Modu is designed to be the lowest noise eurorack passive bus board. Providing ultra-low impedance resulting in significantly lower noise coupling across modules while also reducing power supply noise. Low noise AC/DC power supplies by Daitron.

As requested, we doubled up the LED system with two strips of high-density LED for the front of the case plus an additional two strips on the inside of the case to facilitate better visibility for our client. Touch capacitance dimmers were moved to the side of the case from the rear allowing for easier control of the LED systems and their brightness.

The design and workmanship of these twin eurorack cases are beyond exceptional. Yet, each case is an individual!

We are very proud of these twin monsters and their innovative new features!

Available exclusively at EurorackModularCase.com by 2Egress Sound & Design. Request a custom order and have it created just for you.

Let us build you something amazing!