I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to shift my flow. I had a bunch of 7U cases all side by side and I thought it was a decent flow. Then I started recalling times I’d spend in stores with big cases and started looking around the interweb at people I admired and knew had cases. The 2Egress setups owned by Lev Perrey, Damian Taylor, and Andrew Huang always caught my eye the most. When I spoke with Damian and Lev about their setups they were always so enthusiastic and assured me of the build quality and next-level attention to detail. It didn’t take long before I was sold on the idea.

My case arrived in style. It was perfectly boxed and flawlessly constructed. The look is clean and precise. The LED that is set to light the unit is in the best possible place and reaches nicely to the units I need illuminated.

The open rear of the case is one of the best parts of this design to me. It’s allowed me to run audio lines out the back and long interconnect ribbons around inside with such ease. I can easily identify a module and still plug it in when things are getting crowded and leave all the other modules screwed in. It just makes working that much faster. In fact of all the benefits I’ve noticed having this case it’s that. I’m faster now. The modules are all here. I can find my flow and see it all so clearly.

I just love looking at the furniture as a piece too. It’s a wonderful design that feels like it’s calling to me! Ha! It’s calling right now. Beauty and function in perfect harmony.

Just love this case. It’s a thing of utter class.

JAmie Lidell
Musican, soul singer and podcast host (hanging out with audiophiles)