For better or worse, I’ve always been a person who believes the environment in which one creates is as integral to the production of musical work as the tools or processes utilized. In short, Brock has revealed a new height of success in this amalgam between creator and environment. Until now I did not know it was possible to feel this at-one with a piece of gear, to feel like it was an intuitive extension of my own body.

I’ve been doing sound design and production with modular for years from the same tiny NYC studio. My space presents a unique challenge in that I have extremely limited horizontal real estate. I had cobbled together what I could and my setup was functional if not elegant or ergonomic. However the ever-increasing prominence of modular in my work demanded a permanent solution. That solution would have to be vertical, and that meant that a custom piece was the only real option.

It’s not at all an exaggeration to say that only Brock and his unique expertise could have designed this case. He stands alone in his field not only as an expert designer, craftsman and builder, but also as a wonderful person who was extremely communicative, accommodating and patient with every request I made. He was meticulous and thorough, measurements and sketches were confirmed and reconfirmed, every piece of the puzzle accounted for so that this case would fit my studio exactly without so much as a fraction of an inch out of whack.

This is the tallest case I have ever seen. On the stand it reaches 7 feet tall. It also houses a pull-out drawer holding a 42 pound synth. How is it that regardless whether the synth is extended or retracted, there is not the slightest wobble or instability in either the case or the stand, and yet it still takes up less space than my previous setup did? Expert design and construction, that’s how.

Every part of this journey was a pleasure, from the design and construction to shipping and delivery. Brock went above and beyond, spending face time with me on many occasions; making sure everything was right, giving regular updates, ensuring the shipping process went OK and I got it all in the door.

The result is a case that seems like it becomes part of you the instant you begin working. Guitarists often describe this feeling, like the guitar becomes another limb. It does exactly what they want it to do and they have complete control of it, nothing about it feels foreign or obtrusive to the body. It’s so well integrated you almost become unaware of its very presence, at least on a conscious level. That’s how this case is to work on, which is especially impressive considering its size!

Every detail is exactly how it should be, nothing missing, nothing extraneous. From the power routing to the lighting, the drawer to the armrest – it’s perfect. I can explore creative possibilities that the tedium of my previous setup would not have allowed, as well as just feel like the space I’m working in is finally complete. That seems to be an often elusive goal for many music producers, but I can emphatically say, for this part of my studio at least, that goal has been decisively achieved.

Many thanks to Brock and EMC!

Nate Lueck
Canadian born musician, composer and producer