Alan Wilkis is a Brooklyn-based music producer, and 1/2 of the band, Big Data.

We had a chance to inspire Alan with our beautiful work. Here are photos of his new 19U Eurorack case.

Our minimalist design eurorack cases come neatly wired and powered with Genus Modu low impedance busboards and low noise Daitron power supplies. Absolutely the cleanest and quietest eurorack system setup!

Alan Wilkis (Big Data band) Eurorack Case

Big Data is the paranoid pop brainchild of Alan. With a healthy dose of distrust, Big Data’s music explores the relationship between man and machine, and the ways in which technology is reshaping the human experience.

In 2014, BD made waves with the #1 alternative hit, “Dangerous (feat. Joywave),” which has since been certified Gold in the US and Canada, and with nearly 40M streams. Big Data’s 2015 debut album, 2.0, featured collaborations with Kimbra, Rivers Cuomo, Twin Shadow, and Jamie Lidell.

3.0 is the long-awaited upgrade from Big Data. In creating 3.0, Alan became obsessed with the subject of artificial intelligence and its many possible applications in our not-too-distant future. While AI may become humanity’s greatest achievement, it carries with it a potential risk that is both existential and irreversible… one of many reasons why experts refer to AI as our “final invention.” This tension is both fascinating and terrifying all at once.

As fans of Big Data, we are very proud to have worked with Alan and look forward to hearing their latest.

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