The True North Eurorack Case is the tallest we have ever built!

It stands at 31U high with over 1700HP of goodness. This incredible Eurorack case is powered with Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Boards. It is providing ultra-low impedance results in significantly lower noise coupling across modules while reducing power supply noise. Low noise AC/DC power supplies by Daitron.

The cleanest and quietest eurorack system setup!

Nate Lueck Eurorack Modular Case

We have solidly built a console for Nate’s MatrixBrute and his beautiful and tall eurorack case to sit on and for him to sit at.

Nate Lueck Eurorack Modular Case

This is a well-engineered piece of custom furniture built down to detail. Exquisitely crafted and has an ergonomic feel. Our first keyboard tray with soft close drawer slides. It allows drawers to close silently and smoothly.

Nate Lueck Eurorack Modular Case

Nate Lueck is a Canadian-born musician, composer, and producer. Classically and formally trained as both a pianist and a guitarist with over ten years of experience as a multi-instrumentalist. He was also the principal Guitar II/Mandolin chair for Broadway’s Tony Award Winning musical Come From Away.

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