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How To Uplift An Eurorack Case? – Is To Energize

Eurorack case 18U Lander was created initially to dock on our custom three-bay studio equipment rack – Rover at Lev Perrey’s space center.

“Expert Design and Construction, That’s How.”

The Beautiful Craftsmanship of 31U True North Eurorack Case

The True North Eurorack Case is the tallest we have ever built! We have solidly built a console for Nate Lueck’s MatrixBrute and his beautiful and tall eurorack case to sit on and for him to sit at.

Alan (Big Data) is Absolutely in Love!

Eurorack Case for Alan Wilkis at Big Data (Band)

Alan Wilkis is a Brooklyn-based music producer, and 1/2 of the band, Big Data.

Jamie Lidell’s Eurorack Case is Calling Him Right Now!

The Great Grand Box Canyon

The design and workmanship of these twin eurorack cases are beyond exceptional. Yet, each case is an individual!

Eurorack Modular Case | 24U Barnstormer

Celebrating the design of our first 24U Eurorack case! We successfully worked together with John Loffink at Genus Modu on this unique Eurorack case. Without much saying, we…

“It’s built like high end furniture, brilliantly designed and built with so much care and thought.”

Eurorack Modular Case | 27U Gunslinger