Working with Brock at 2egress is like catching up with an old friend. It’s smooth and enjoyable like a good whiskey. What I’m trying to say is, it’s a dream.

As a visually impaired engineer, most desks, racks, and consoles tend to be a major visual challenge that requires me to find compromises. I came to Brock hoping to find a solution for a mastering desk that would eliminate those compromises and he did nothing short of exceeding my expectations in every avenue. His ability to listen and envision your ideas is remarkable.

I cannot stress enough how perfect and pristine the build quality and attention to detail is throughout the entire piece. I often come into the studio just to look at the finished desk and admire the craftsmanship. Brock is an absolute magician and master of what he does.

If you need a piece of purpose-built studio furniture that grabs the eye, feels good, and is built like a tank, 2Egress will do just that, and take care of you every step of the way.

Josh Sebek
Mastering Engineer at Welcome to 1979