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Jamie Lidell’s Eurorack Case is Calling Him Right Now!

Googy the Cat Approved

Jamie Lidell and His New Eurorack Case

We created a bespoke open-back eurorack case with the cleanest and quietest system for a true gentleman. Case is powered with Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Boards. LIBB offers a significantly lower noise coupling across modules, while also reducing power supply noise.

The Magic Blue Sigilship Eurorack Case – “My Audio is So Clean!”

The Great Grand Box Canyon

We are told by our clients that we have the cleanest and quietest Eurorack systems built today. Thanks to our partnerships with Genus Modu and Daitron.

A Custom Enclosure for Daitron Power Supplies

The incredible 27U Black Swan Eurorack case at 3024HP requires a mighty ultra-low noise power system. Our solution is four Daitron PFS300 power supplies in an elegant enclosure…

Eurorack Modular Case | 22U Jupiter

We were commissioned to build a larger than Saturn style eurorack case. Unlike the 21U Saturn case, we specially made for Youtube personality, Andrew Huang. Jupiter is enhanced…

“Eurorack Nirvana!”

Synth Rack Stand for Keyboardists

Every keyboard musician’s dream! Safe, strong, well lit and beautiful to behold. The sides are milled from a single piece with the shelves, front lip and rear support…

Eurorack Modular Case | 12U Red

We specialize in building large-format Eurorack cases. Every now and then, we have a request and this time from a special person who wanted his case in Red….