Ergonomic desk with Individuality, Personality, Beauty, and Function.

Josh Sebek is a visually impaired engineer and has a hard time interfacing with the typical mastering desks because of their flat top designs – the distance and angle of the top racks, he finds it hard to see those units. He came to 2Egress to build a solution for his needs.

Firstly, we have to design a desk to fit Josh as he is tall and has long arms. He needs a VU meter to be near his eye level for better visibility. He needed rack space for his mastering gear. Plenty of rack spaces in front of him and even some extra rack spaces on the bottom section.

We came up with a bespoke design to match his personality, behavior, likes, and dislikes.

Handcrafted. Design focused. Sleek, simple, and finely constructed.

It is important and obvious to combine artistic elements with functionality to attract interest and give things both an emotional presence as well as a useful function.

Josh began his career in audio at Berklee College of Music where he graduated with the highest distinction (summa cum laude) majoring in Music Production and Engineering with a minor in Post Production For Film and TV. During his time there he discovered a love for mastering entirely by chance and never looked back. For him, mastering encompasses both the artistic and the technical side of audio in perfect harmony.

Photo by: Josh Sebek

He is a fellow Canadian Mastering/Cutting Engineer and Record Producer based in Nashville TN working at a premier analog & digital recording studio, vinyl mastering & electroplating facility Welcome to 1979.

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