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Video of New Studio Furniture by Neil Parfitt

The design compliments the Producer’s table that they built for me in February of 2022 and fit’s beautifully with the Composer Desk they built me in 2015.

Jamie Lidell’s Eurorack Case is Calling Him Right Now!

Googy the Cat Approved

Andrew Huang’s 21U Eurorack Case and Power Station in White

We created a beautiful double wide 21U 168HP Eurorack modular case in white for Toronto based musician, video producer and Youtube personality, Andrew Huang. Powered with Intellijel TPS80W busboards and…

Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) reveal of his new studio and Eurorack case

Composer and audio visual developer, Benn Jordan is an American modern jazz and electronic musician from Georgia. He records and performs music as The Flashbulb. He also has…

Recording Studio Furniture | Edmonton Canada

Eurorack Modular Console | 18U Phoenix

A fiery masterpiece double wide 168HP 18U Eurorack modular console with  our new arm rest. An earlier piece was created and then set on fire as we do…