Our latest double-wide 104HP Eurorack case – The 18U Lander with more than 1200HP!

It is fully equipped with Genus Modu Low Impedance Bus Boards (LIBBs) and Acopian power supplies. Lander is also outfitted with an ergonomic armrest and LED lighting system.

Lander is designed to position on the surface of Rover, the “Power station” studio equipment rack.

The Spaceship – Lander and “Power station” Rover

The “spaceship” (18U Eurorack case – Lander and Studio Equipment Rack – Rover) is custom-made for the exceptional Lev Perrey, VP of Product at Universal Audio.

Lev Perrey’s spaceship – Lander has Docked!

Available exclusively at EurorackModularCase.com by 2Egress Sound & Design. Request a custom order and have it created just for you.

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