Rover, our latest studio equipment rack with wheels!

It is 12U triple bay studio equipment rack with a black accent and clean lines. Super warm LED lighting at the front and also underneath of the rack to create greater ambiance.

Stduio Equipment Rack – Rover

The middle bay is partially set aside to function as a “Power station”. It is enclosed with a custom slidable cover to house the Acopian gold series linear regulated power supplies used to power a large-format Eurorack case.

Our latest double-wide Eurorack case – The 18U Lander with more than 1200HP is designed to position on the surface of Rover.

18U Lander has Docked on Rover, the triple bay studio equipment rack.

This exclusive build is for the prominent Lev Perrey, VP of Product at Universal Audio.

Available exclusively at 2Egress Sound & Design. For a personal design consultation, please contact us.