A fiery masterpiece double wide 168HP 18U Eurorack modular console with  our new arm rest. An earlier piece was created and then set on fire as we do not build an imperfect work of art.

Arising from the ashes, we proudly introduce PHOENIX!

This case is precision milled to facilitate  Intellijel TPS80W triple power supplies bus-board to mount in a perfectly supported position. Another 2Egress distinguishing feature.

With an upgraded 18mm top shelf providing milled out space to install LED lighting.

To accompany a complete studio build of furniture (Eurorack Patch Cable Holder, Synth Rack Storage Stand and many Surfaces), hence the orange accent for this Eurorack case to complement their studio in Edmonton, Canada. Watch for it in our following posts.

A custom stand was also built for the case to reside on.

Handcrafted. Design focused. Sleek, simple and finely constructed.

Available exclusively at EurorackModularCase.com. Request  a custom order and have something made just for you. Let us build you something amazing!