This incredible one-of-a-kind 18U 168HP Eurorack modular case is named “The Nebuchadnezzar” after the main hovercraft featured in the Matrix and Matrix Reloaded for our client Adrian Romero as he is a big fan of the movies.

She is powered by two Acopian PSUs supplying a whopping 8.5 amps each to ten POWDIS bus boards. To aid in the removal of heat created by the massive PSU’s we supplied the Eurorack case with a slotted top, custom PSU mounts with additional ventilation beneath, armrest and a new design feature of an open back plane.

The open back design allows access to the cases rear bus boards making plugging and un-plugging of modules easier by eliminating the removal of extra modules to get to a plug buried under a nearby module.

This capacious Eurorack case is also fitted with blue LED strip lighting the modules to further enhance the feeling of being aboard a ship in the Matrix.

We had a great late night photo session with her and trust the images convey the uniqueness of this case.

“This is my ship…the Nebuchadnezzar, it’s a hovercraft.”―Morpheus

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