The complexity and sophistication of the design and work of this studio furniture. A genius artisan craftsperson purely created.

Studio Rack LiftTop | Neil Parfitt | 2Egress

These are incredible studio equipment racks with an invisible lift-top when viewed from the front. The 14U angled racks to match the triple bay studio equipment rack/producer desk.

Studio Equipment Rack | Neil Parfitt | 2Egress

The top lifts and matches the angle of the composer’s desk surface and acts as a shelf for your synthesizer or notes. The legs for the swing top lift and are held by magnets. Its storage area is milled to facilitate good airflow along with ventilation slots on its surface.

Studio Rack LiftTop | Neil Parfitt | 2Egress

A 2U rail for conditioners and a small PSU located on the rear. Magnets placed around the rear door keep it in place hiding your cables to give it a well-kept look, offering you a dynamic working environment.

Studio Rack LiftTop | Neil Parfitt | 2Egress

Watch here as Neil unwraps his new studio racks.

Handcrafted. Design focused. Sleek, simple, and finely constructed.

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