“When I first reached out to Brock to build both a large Eurorack case and 3-bay rack, I had a lot of needs – not least of all was the fact that my system needed to be very compact as I am working in a small studio space. The rack needed to be on wheels so I could get to the back when I needed but otherwise be up against the wall. The Eurorack case also needed to be as shallow as possible to accommodate the small working space which meant that the power supplies couldn’t be in the case. Brock came up with perfect solutions to all of the ergonomic and workflow needs I had such as putting the power supplies down inside the rack, and still having depth left over for the armrest on the case which I heavily recommend for anyone considering a system from EMC. The viewing angles, ergonomics, and layout we have come up with have improved my overall interaction with the synth and make it truly a joy to use.

The quality of the woodworking, and fit/finish are truly a thing to behold. Pictures do not do it justice (and there are some great picture on the site) but when I saw it in person and ran my hands over it, only then could I fully appreciate what Brock had built – an amazing piece of art. 

Brock fully integrated the power supply, Genus Modu LIBB bus boards and LED lighting systems which made for an amazing out of box experience and I couldn’t be happier with the result – now everything else in my studio looks sad next to the space ship! If you are looking for something that is world-class and will last a lifetime, reach out to Brock.”

Lev Perrey
VP of Product
Universal Audio