SPUTNIK Has Launched!

First came Luna (Latin name for the Moon), the one and only music studio desk designed and built for Rich Walters at Rich Walters Music based in Vancouver, Canada.

This is an unprecedented triple bay studio equipment rack designed and built to match music studio desk Luna in her new home, an movie music composition studio at CBC Studios Vancouver.

The meticulous craftsmanship is beyond amazing!

Her bespoke design features:

  • Exquisite legs at back including unique drop in mounting for Apple Mac Pro.
  • Dropped shelving for two 27ā€³ Apple Cinema Displays.
  • Well thought-out cable management between each rack bays.
  • Ventilation slots above each rack.
  • Motion sensor LED lighting front and rear for illumination while adjusting gear.

Available exclusively at 2Egress Sound & Design. For a personal design consultation, please contact us. Let us build you something amazing!