We had the privilege of visiting Le Magnétophone Recording Studio based in Montreal, Canada. The owner, Alex Ouzilleau graciously picked us up at the airport and took us to his remarkable recording studio. We were both blown away by the fine fit and finish. It is truly world class.

2Egress Sound & Design designed and built the exclusive recording studio furniture for his studio space. The one and only music studio desk (La Maîtresse) and studio equipment racks (En Face) this past Summer. The desk showcases our first design using the rear of the desks “A-frame” to support it at optimum viewing angles along with very low sonic reflections.
We are told it works as designed and he is very pleased with it’s use.

Alex was an excellent host and allowed us to enjoy his new Barefoots to check out the acoustics of the room and of the desks reflections. A lovely experience for sure. His selection of gear is very impressive and some gear envy must have been obvious! He tells us he has more high quality choices yet to be purchased and installed.

Alex had to pick up one of his guitars at  Montreal Guitar, home for fine guitar restoration and repair center. It is also the biggest guitar repair shop in Montreal. We met with the owner and he recalled our work at a studio also located in the same building. We had the opportunity to meet with the tenants of the old studio and see some of our very early work. It was very nice to meet them and see our work still doing its job as designed. They were also pleased with the pieces they have.

Thank you Alex for having us! We had a wonderful time at the studio and hanging out with you. Please give him a shout-out if you are in Montreal! Le Magnétophone Recording Studio is absolutely an elite studio and highly worth considering if you need fine quality work done. It is his childhood dream to do what he is doing and the quality of his surrounding is a true testament to fulfill this dream. You would be hard-pressed to find better!

Recording studio furniture available exclusively at 2Egress Sound & Design. For a personal design consultation, please contact us. Let us build you something amazing!