Great News Eurorack Fans!

We are excited to announce our new affiliation with Intellijel. This is fantastic news as this makes your purchase of a powered case much easier as we take care of everything for you in a streamlined fashion.

The news gets even better as we are also able to provide you with their awesome Eurorack modules. Imagine, you will be ready to plug and play when you receive your brand new case from us.

Intellijel is known for producing reliable power supplies and incredible modules. The TPS80W is a high power, super efficient and low noise studio grade power system for your Eurorack modular case. This power supply is carefully designed to perform optimally with even the most demanding, noisy and power hungry modules in your rig.

EMC and 2Egress Sound & Design are excited to provide this awesome opportunity to our clients. We believe this makes us your one stop shop for all your Eurorack case needs.

We are still offering our bespoke installation service for power supplies of your choice as it has been very popular.

Handcrafted. Design focused. Sleek, simple and finely constructed. Request  a custom order and have something made just for you. Let us build you something amazing!