“It can be a struggle to find studio furniture that doesn’t get in the way of your creativity or limit your workflow, more-so when you have a physical disability and use a wheelchair like myself. All the prefab stuff I had tried just wasn’t cutting it. They were always too big, too small, too uncomfortable and too ugly.

I wanted a desk that I couldn’t complain about.

Fortunately a friend recommended Brock at 2Egress Sound &Design.

After a brief conversation and a few measurements Brock was able to envision exactly what I was looking for. It became the “Low-Rida”. Finally a desk that I couldn’t complain about. Twenty three rack spaces all within reach, ample desk space, perfect height, a matching keyboard stand… it’s solid, well built, inspiring and absolutely beautiful.

When I sat in-front of it for the first time I got the same feeling I did when recorded my first vocal through my first really nice pre-amp. I couldn’t stop smiling and wondering why I didn’t get one sooner.”

Steven Mek
The Safehouse Studio