Many high-quality studios out there have one thing in common: space. There might be a huge couch in the room, a gigantic wall of modular synths, racks upon racks of synths and guitars, stacks of amps and cabinets, a sound isolation booth for tracking guitars and vocals (and maybe a separate one for both). None of that described what was going to fit into the area I had to work with. My space was larger than most, but I knew right from the get-go that if I was going to really utilize my space, I would have to get creative.

I can’t tell you the countless hours that I spent video chatting with Brock and going over dimensions, layout, sizing, etc. We hashed our way through countless issues this way. Sometimes we found an outright solution, and other times it was a working compromise; that’s just the nature of working with any constraint (space, time, financial, etc.). The amount of custom work and unique touches that Brock put into my studio furniture can not be understated. For every little request or comment I had about something very particular, Brock had an answer for me. It is invaluable being able to work with someone who understands the needs of the customer, and how to implement the designs necessary to accommodate those needs.

It’s easy to look at a small space and think “yeah, those are some nice synth racks”, but I want to be very clear on one thing: 2Egress did not build me synth racks, they built me a complete workflow solution. My productivity in the studio has been completely revolutionized for the better.

Tyler Doty
Edmonton Canada