Benn Jordan at Benn and Gear gave a review of the Polyend Poly 2 and Polyend Preset in one of our cool special edition Eurorack cases – The Kitty EFX Box “Knuckles” aka Knuckle-duster!

He is also the very proud owner of our 168HP 18U “The Blue”.

Eurorack Modular Case | The Blue

He is an professional modern jazz and electronic musician who gives his personal look at technical things relating to music making, synthesis, and all things related to sound.

Benn is also an amazing artist that records and performs under the name of “The Flashbulb”. If you have not heard his music, do follow and subscribe. His latest album The Flashbulb – Our Simulacra was released in March 2020. Go check it out along with many of the other videos on his Youtube channel. Highly recommended!