What an awesome time we had at Toronto Sound Festival with our new vibrant Eurorack modular cases in 6, 9 and 12U.

We also showcased “The Hangman”. An innovative and portable cable hanger for your patch cable and even headphones (as seen below). It just snaps together as this cable hanger is flat-packable for easy travel!

We both enjoyed meeting so many folks in person and many were aware of our work and really dig it. What an immensely uplifting experience. Was a great pleasure to have met with all of the others in this ever expanding industry. Andrew Kilpatrick (Kilpatrick Audio), David Solursh (Art for the Ears Ltd), Robert Fantinatto (Director of I Dream of Wires), Dustin Goode (Moog Audio), Lyle Crilly (Roland Canada) and so many more that made this festival so special.

Special thanks to our gracious hosts Randy and Eric, thanks for making this happen.  See you all next year!