TOMS Workshop presents Paul Stillwell, Craig Renaud and Steve Castellano.

Sound performances by some of Toronto’s finest experimental electronic musicians.

Hosted by 2Egress Sound & Design
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Saturday, June 20, 2015 is the date to mark on your calendar!

Paul Stillwell

Paul Stillwell has been a member of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble (CEE), the oldest continuous live electronic group in the world (founded in 1971 and still going), for the past 20 years. In that time he has been both mentored and influenced by the other members of the group (Rose Bolton, John Farah, David Jaeger, Larry Lake & Jim Montgomery). He favours an approachable compositional style based on direction communicated via text, notation, graphics, charts, etc. combined with a healthy portion of improvisation.

Recently enamoured by modular synthesis he has rapidly adopted an approach for both composition and performance that combines the computer world with the analog hardware synthesis world. This approach has also prompted an exploration of the vintage instruments in the CEE’s collection. Most notably, the EMS Synthi ‘A’ and the Yamaha CS40M.

Paul’s music can be heard at Canadian Electronic Ensemble, SoundCloud and at Bandcamp.

Craig Renaud

Chaotic floor grinding, expelling extreme harmonic content at pre-determined and impulsary time. An ambient noise wash. The worst parts of digital and analogue electronics, performed adhoc.

Craig’s music can be heard at SoundCloud.

Steve Castellano

Since coming to Toronto to study electronic music and composition at York University under Phil Werren and James Tenney, Steve Castellano has been involved in a number of musical pursuits ranging from documentary and computer game scores to a jazz fusion release in the 90s and a brief appearance as Benny in an Abba tribute band. An interest in vacuum tube-based synthesis eventually led him down the modular rabbit hole where he now resides. His improvisational compositions explore the borders between familiar consonant harmonic spaces and the chaotic realms where digital artifacts, found sounds and radio transmissions jockey for control of the ionosphere.

Steve’s music can be heard at Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

TOMS workshop is a casual and fun place for all musicians to mingle and socialise.

The first performance will begin around 5PM. and there will be a question and answer at the end of each.