It was another hot day at TOMS Workshop and was a lot of fun for everybody.

Derek Simmons (rezzn8r) brought his Klee Sequencer and gave us an amazing performance.

Paul Stillwell brought his newly built portable 9 X 9 Eurorack modular case and performed beautifully for the crowd.

Huge thanks to our performers!

Neil Parfitt brought along his Eurorack modular suitcase to show us. A very cool idea with a real old suitcase!

Soldering class by Anthony Kuzub of APKaudio was nothing but fun and intellectual. Thank you for the session. Hope you guys learned something!

If you would like to show off your rig, let us know. A jam session is always welcome. Novice or professional. We are here to learn share and create!

Here are some of the photos from TOMS Workshop #003. Videos of performances will be uploaded shortly to TOMS channel.