What a fantastic day!

We got to meet old and new musicians at TOMS Workshop #005.

Derek Simmons brought in his Frac format, Klee sequencer and Walking stick from Psionic Soundworks.

Paul Stillwell showed us his newly built custom Eurorack modular case made by 2Egress Sound & Design. View this unique expandable Eurorack case here.
Check out his new toy – the Arturia BeatStep Pro.

Unfortunately, Jim Montgomery “Mudfish” went up north and got himself snowed in and could not make it. We hope to see him at TOMS in the near future.

Jam session by Paul and Derek was fantastic!

Performances of the day can be viewed at TOMS channel.

If you would like to show off your rig, let us know. A jam session is always welcome. Novice or professional. We are here to learn, share and create!

TOMS Workshop would like to thank Paul Stillwell, Derek Simmons and everyone who attended.