Integrating a Doepfer LMK4+ and its full sized 88 key weighted Fatar MIDI controller keyboard on a spectacular bespoke music studio desk by 2Egress Sound & Design.

We got a call late last year from Rich Walters. He just purchased the Doepfer LMK4+ and Fatar MIDI controller keyboard. He contacted us in search of his dream music studio desk for his new studio, a special desk which can captivate him yet complement his style and personality.

Rich Walters is a Music, Television and Film Composer at CBC in Vancouver. Rich has been nominated multiple times for and won a Leo Award, had 2 Emmy award nominations and 2 Canadian Screen Award nominations. His compositions can be heard on television, in theatres, on radio and digital recordings. (Capote, Elysium, Olympus, Chappie, Ring of Fire, Neverland to name a few)

After many extended emails and phone calls back and forth, Brock designed and hand built this singular and astounding black desk with clear edges, beautiful and sturdy legs to support the weight of three 27″ Apple Cinema Displays, Doepfer LMK4+ and full sized Fatar keyboard. A secure and unique space for his Apple Mac Pro suspended below. The underside of the desk has cable management with character to match the desk along with the interface for the Doepfer LMK4+. The addition of a custom top to cover the keyboard when not in use completes the design with finesse.

A Masterpiece!

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