I acquired The Black Swan Eurorack case two years ago and have loaded and unloaded it many times.  The build quality is outstanding!   I have moved it across the studio a few times and it was extremely secure – even when fully loaded.  

The busboard installation and wiring are secure and first rate.  The case is even more impressive in person than its photos suggest.   With the addition of the ultra sleek and silent running Daitron power supplies, it is Eurorack nirvana! 

This was my first large scale modular synthesis case build.   It required a large investment of time and money.   Brock and Dion understood their audience and managed this commission appropriately.   I felt supported at each step from the initial design to choosing power sources.   They are professionals all the way. Despite these accolades, what impressed me the most was their consistent and over the top customer service. This is sometimes lacking in the modular synthesis world.   If you choose them as your case building experts, be prepared for prompt email/FaceTime/phone conversations that not only fulfill the needs you have but also predict the ones yet to come.  

Five Stars!

Owner of the 27U Black Swan eurorack case