Damian Taylor ( Six-time Grammy-nominated music producer, best known for his collaborations with The Prodigy, Björk, Arcade Fire and The Killers) contacted us regarding a Eurorack modular synthesizer case that would match the furniture we built for him previously. Intrigued by the challenge, a great collaboration began.

Fueled by Damian’s insight into these cases, while fulfilling his requirements for his studio, it was an amazing journey from concept to fruition that led to the proud result of the 12U double wide 104HP!

Designed to match the décor of his Golden Ratio Studio in Montreal which feature walls made from strips of Baltic Birch two-inches wide with half-inch spacing, the rear of the case now blends into its surroundings.

Large slots at the lower front of the case and the top of the back allow for ample airflow. Eight quarter-inch jacks are placed along the rear of the case for cabling to pass through to the front of the case.

Four Doepfer power supplies and eight bus boards were selected to supply the synthesizer’s power needs. We decided to machine the area behind the bus boards so they may lay flat against the case, thus reducing fatigue to the boards from removal and insertion of connections due to weak standoffs.

Available exclusively at 2Egress Sound & Design. For a personal design consultation, please contact us. Let us build you something amazing!