Introducing our NEW Limited Edition present-day unique Eurorack modular case.

Wáng “King” (王) in Chinese – is a depiction of a giant standing on the ground, but this inferred a giant of distinguished virtue, knowledge and character.

The top horizontal stroke symbolizes Heaven. The middle and bottom horizontal strokes symbolize humankind and Earth. Together, the three strokes symbolize what is known as the three realms: Earth, humankind and Heaven.
The vertical stroke indicates that kings are mediators between these realms.

Solidly constructed from 12mm higest quality Baltic birch plywood.

Vector rails and threaded nut strips are standard in this case.

Eurorack case powered with Doepfer +/-12V@ 1200mA 115V power supply and three bus boards.

Top row: 104HP Depth: 50.8mm
Middle row: 84HP Depth: 76.2mm
Bottom row: 104HP Depth: 101.6mm

Available exclusively at 2Egress Sound & Design. For a personal design consultation, please contact us. Let us build you something amazing!