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Studio Equipment Rack | Rover

Rover, our latest studio equipment rack with wheels! It is 12U triple bay studio equipment rack with black accent and clean lines. Super warm LED lighting at the…

Eurorack Modular Case | Golden Ratio Console

The Golden Ratio Console is our first Eurorack case and still very popular. We love our work! Post a pic and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest….

“2Egress did not build me synth racks, they built me a complete workflow solution.”

Recording Studio Furniture | Edmonton Canada

“You guys have changed my life.”

Phenomenal Recording Studio in Montreal

We had the privilege of visiting Le Magnétophone Recording Studio based in Montreal, Canada. The owner, Alex Ouzilleau graciously picked us up at the airport and took us…

Studio Rack | SPUTNIK

SPUTNIK Has Launched! First came Luna (Latin name for the Moon), the one and only music studio desk designed and built for Rich Walters at Rich Walters Music…

“Hands down…Best customer service…Dedicated to making you happy…”

Elevated Studio Rack | En Face

En Face is an elevated face-up 10RU studio equipment rack designed and built by 2Egress Sound & Design for Le Magnétophone Recording Studio based in Montreal. It provides…

Marito Marques in his Music Studio with Pintassilgo

Featuring Marito Marques Drum & Bass Sessions with Rich Brown, The Stormcloud’s Narrative. Discover his custom studio desk (Pintassilgo “Goldfinch”) by 2Egress Sound & Design.