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Revolving Eurorack Cable Hanger

Revolving Eurorack Cable Hanger

The FIRST revolving Eurorack cable hanger created by 2Egress Sound & Design. This piece of art furniture with black colored inlay (a decorative black piece of wood fitted…

“It’s built like high end furniture, brilliantly designed and built with so much care and thought.”

Eurorack Modular Case | 27U Gunslinger

Beautiful White Eurorack Modular Case & Wild Stand for Andrew Huang

We created a beautiful double wide 21U 168HP Eurorack modular case in white for Toronto based musician, video producer and Youtube personality, Andrew Huang. Powered with Intellijel TPS80W busboards and…

The Stealth Desk for Avid S3 Console

An updated photo of the one and only Stealth desk by Ron Skinner at Heading North Mastering in Canada. Available exclusively at 2Egress Sound & Design. For a personal…

“2Egress did not build me synth racks, they built me a complete workflow solution.”

Recording Studio Furniture | Edmonton Canada

Synth Rack Stand

Following up on our studio build for Edmonton Canada we share this awesome synth stand. This beautifully designed stand was built to house part of his large synth…

“These guys are awesome…I couldn’t be happier with my 18U case”

Eurorack Modular Console | 15U Constellation

Renowned Canadian film composer, Christophe BeckĀ  (Ant-Man, Edge of Tomorrow, Frozen, The Hangover, Trilogy, Buffy) based in Los Angeles contacted us to build him a double wide 15U104HP…