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Eurorack Modular Case | 15U Prince of Darkness

Eurorack Modular Case | 27U The Black Swan

A design of Beauty, Grace and Elegance! This is our biggest and most badass Eurorack case so far at an immense 3024HP. The Black Swan stands at 27U…

Eurorack Modular Case | 15U 168HP Prince of Darkness

Our first Prince of Darkness was double wide in solid black, powered with Doeper PSU2s. Today, we present you with the new minimalistic style 15U Prince of Darkness…

Eurorack Modular Case | Blue Golden Ratio Console

The Golden Ratio Console design is where it all began being our first Eurorack case! This custom Eurorack case is designed to be small in size and firmly built….

“I will cherish exploring new musical frontiers with his glorious creation…”

Eurorack Modular Case | 30U La Baronesse

Handcrafted. Design focused. Sleek, simple and finely constructed. La Baronesse is our first 30U 168HP Eurorack modular case. The craftsmanship was completed with great finesse creating the most…

Eurorack Patch Cable Holder

The one and only Eurorack Cable Holder for your patch cable management needs.  This table top or floor standing Eurorack cable holder allows you to organize and store…

Eurorack Modular Case | 18U Luigi

Meet Luigi! Our first Eurorack modular case in green. It is sharp and extraordinary. Custom built for Chris Cardone with his personal logo milled into the side of his…

“2Egress did not build me synth racks, they built me a complete workflow solution.”

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