We created a beautiful double wide 21U 168HP Eurorack modular case in white for Toronto based musician, video producer and Youtube personality, Andrew Huang.

A beautiful double wide white 21U 168HP Eurorack modular case with custom stand.

Powered with Intellijel TPS80W busboards and one 40 Amp Acopian power supply.

Exquisite hexagon design casing embedded for the Acopian power supply

A wild, one-of-a-kind custom stand for the Eurorack case to sit on. A hexagon design casing to nest the Acopian power supply. The hexagon design is brought forward so that he can arrange his patch cables for closer reach while patching.

One-of-a-kind Eurorack stand with patch cable hanger incorporated.

Available exclusively at EurorackModularCase.com by 2Egress Sound & Design. Request a custom order and have it created just for you.

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